BCM241 Wk 1: Love in The Media Space

Our world is increasingly digitally connected and reliant on rapidly advancing technology. This means a rising level, role and importance of the media space. Media space being roughly defined for this blog post as an experience, communication and interaction with any media or mediated platforms, such as the television and Facebook. I’m sure everyone reading this would say yes to the increasing importance and dominance our mediated space has in our lives. However, it often takes reflection and/or a break in our natural rhythm and habits to acknowledge the depth of this widely acknowledge reality. Media space in the modern world invades and alters one of the most sacred and pure things humans experience, love.

Picture being a unmarried young adult in the time of Jane Austen who is madly in love with a gentleman. You adore red lipstick, autumn and polka dots. Not only would you be scandalous for your love of red lipstick but your method of communication to your love and about your interests is a stark difference to that of modern day. Your media space is limited, virtually non-existent and certainly minimally involved in your romance. A recipe of love letters, secret conversations through the hedge rows, and swift stirring dances account for the major part of your ability to express your interests and love.

Now picture being a 2017 unmarried young adult madly in love woman who adores pizza and doge memes. In case you are wondering this is me. But my media space enables me a level of connection and communication that not even the musings of the great romantic writers could fathom or even wish to believe. WiFi coupled with Facebook, Instagram, Steam and Skype take the place of a stirring dance and rows of hedges and transcend the spatial and conceptual boundaries of the past. My interests and love is expressed through tagging my special someone in a picture, competition or sending a relevant page link. My relationship is connected and experienced through media space almost more than I wish to admit, our average Skype session per day is surely around four hours. We are both full time university students with work, family and life commitments. Yet in our ‘down’ and admittedly ‘study time’, we are always in a Skype call. I know when his dad is coughing in the other room only seconds after he does. I am a self-reporting addict to these Skype sessions and instant 24/7 contact with him. When my family books a holiday my question is always, “is there WiFi?” so I can Skype with him still.
Lame and clingy I know.
But this to me just illustrates the whirlwind journey that media space as it has developed has taken one of humankind’s oldest and greatest pleasures.
Love is woven and sustained within my media space.





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