Exchange Research Implications and Recommendations for Future Research & Interested Parties

Throughout this research, as part of the BCM212 subject, I have been interested in creating research that has meaning and impact greater than this subjects criteria. Therefore, hi representative from one of the UOW Twitter accounts that this post was bravely tweeted at or anyone who is interested/participated in this research. I have some news of interest, particularly for the Student Mobility team at Student Central and those involved with student exchange at UOW. My research which surveyed 24 second-year BCM212 students on their perception, value and thoughts on international exchange regardless of if they were going on an exchange captured some interesting insights that you may wish to consider. As well as a brief interview with a Student Mobility staff member which discussed the broad trends of exchange and exchange type choices across the faculties.

From this research, the implications for future research and recommendations formed five key observations with four directly applying to the UOW.

  • The first is a recommendation for research into how future employers can be more supportive and engaged, as they were perceived as the key motivators for students participating in an exchange. This could include research into developing innovative programs models and methods of engagement that businesses can apply, creating awareness within businesses of the role that they could potentially play, as well as increasing joint university and company run exchanges.
  • Secondly, research into the role that restructuring the more rigid faculties such as SMAH and EIS courses could play in terms of enabling longer exchanges and the effects that this may have on the performance and future of students within these courses.
  • Thirdly, research into awareness and accessibility into financial options for perspective students. As well as what is the perceived amount exchange costs and thus what is viewed as enough/ideal sponsorship or loan assistance by parties involved with delivering the financial support and from a student’s perspective.
  • Fourthly, the survey results highlighted that possibly BCM students and similar students should be approached and encouraged to decide if they are going on an exchange earlier. This suggests and leads to the need for further research into the tailoring in regards to exchange information and guidance for students depending on their degree.
  • Lastly, this survey and other research explored did not address whether there are differences between genders and age. This could be crucial to understanding what perceptions exist, how they are created, maintained and if these needs to be more specific tailoring of exchange options in response.

So now you know, if there are any questions or you want access to the full report comment, send me a private message or tweet me. I hope that this research and its recommendations gave some insight and stirred some interest into this complex and evolving topic. A big thank you to all that participated in this research!

Kind Regards,
Marianne Gillespie BCMS Student.
Otherwise, know as on this blog Mem.


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