BCM 212 Research Project Update

My research is swimming along steadily, if you don’t know already I’m conducting some research on BCM212 second year student’s perceptions of international exchange (see research proposal blog here). There has so far only been one minor hitch in the plan. The original research question had a second aim which was to compare the exchange statistics across the University of Wollongong’s faculties for second year students in 2016. The request for statistics was declined, however, I was given verbal trends of exchange across the faculties so the question has just been altered to work with this. The new research question is:
Do Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (BCMS) University of Wollongong (UOW) second year students value international exchange experiences and what are the broad trends for international exchange across the faculties at the University of Wollongong (UOW).

The survey answering the first part of the research question has been released now since yesterday and if you are a domestic BCM212 student you can participate here! I’m excited to see the results starting to trickle in and can’t wait to be surprised by some of the answers as that always happens with research.  Background research has also been happening and has helped me as a researcher see how my research is important. Most of the current research investigates benefits of international student exchange in terms of economic, educational, cultural and improving the experience for international students. Whilst this research is investigating the perception of students of exchange regardless of if they have been on an exchange.  So, the research is steadily forming, like clay in a potter’s hands (cheesy haha). But hopefully, my planning keeps this research all in check as the deadline slowly approaches!
Kind regards,
Mem xx



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